Analist of the Future

Drinking water company Vitens and water laboratory WLN had the same question about how to make their laboratory employees ready for future challenges. A lot is going to change in their field of experience. CIV Water wants them to become an agile craftsman, let them ask the question ‘what do I need to be able to do my job well in the future?’.

For this matter, CIV Water has developed and organised the course ‘Analist van de Toekomst’ (i.e. Analist of the Future)to make laboratory employees ready for these future changes and teaches them skills to be the analist of the future. Both laboratories of the expertise chemistry and microbiology are participating and being stimulated to work together to get to know each other for future collaboration.

CIV Water does this together with WLN and Vitens. Both companies deliver teachers from the Word of Work. In cooperation with a teacher from the VET school MBO Life Sciences, CIV Water makes sure the course is didactic in order. They supervise the guest lecturers from the companies. VET-teachers who participate bring back the new gained knowledge to the classroom and use it for education development.

The board of both Vitens and WLN are very happy with this collaboration. Both companies work with drinking water and share the same goals. Employers of both companies learn a lot from each other. Also, if there are questions, people from the two different companies can ask each other. It broadens their network.

All courses giving until now had 130 participants, 10% of them were VET students, working together with employees from Vitens and WLN. The participation of the VET students is gradually growing, they are very enthusiastic. “Very useful, for everyone who works in the drinking water sector.” Said one of the participants in a review. “I’ve learned a lot!”

Per course two VET teachers are involved and four teachers from the World of Work share their knowledge. In the future the number of participants is expected to grow. Only half of the modules are giving yet. Module 1 is still starting with new participants. The future expectation is that the course will continue, because there are always employees and students willing to participate.

Until now this project was mainly targeted for the original stakeholders (mainly based in the North of the Netherlands). However, at the moment discussions are taking place about involving other VET schools and universities of applied sciences, for instance one specific university of applied sciences has shown its genuine interest.

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