In this phase you focus on the organizational aspect of your Center of Vocational Excellence. You know what your propositions, activities, partners and target groups are. Based on this information, you can now develop cooperation agreements, outlining the roles of the various partners and the envisioned activities.

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Within a platform of Centers of Vocational Excellence, such as the Platform of Vocational Excellence Water, regions can be in various phases of development or maturity. In order to appreciate these differences and ensure the mutual learning between the various Centers of Vocational Excellence, the Phase Model by Bell Mason can be a useful tool. It distinguishes five different phases of development

Outcomes of this phase are:

  • Signed cooperation agreements
  • Action plans for your activities
  • Insights in how to engage with your different target groups, resulting in approach strategies that fit the characteristics of the target group
  • Insight in the cost structure and revenue of your activities.

Tools to use:

Phase 1: Collecting ingredients for the Center of Vocational Excellence
Phase 2: Developing your Business Model Canvas and empathy mapping
Phase 3: Start working on the proposition of your Center of Vocational Excellence & define building blocks
Phase 4: Matching your activities with your target groups
Phase 5: Development of your Center of Vocational Excellence
Phase 6: Continue developing your Business Model Canvas
Phase 7: Peer reviews

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