Contactperson: Pieter Hoekstra, programmanager
CIV Water
Oostergoweg 9
8911 MA Leeuwarden, the Netherlands
Phone number: +31 (0)88- 060 3800

In the Netherlands, the Centre of Vocational Excellence Water runs under the name CIV Water.  CIV stands for: Centre for Innovative craftsmanship Water

The Centre of Innovative Craftsmenship Water focusses on educating employees and scolars on an vocational level (mbo in Dutch) in the field of “Water”. We are working together with educational institutes like MBO Life Sciences as well as with mostly semi-governmental organisations such as Wetterskip Fryslân and Vitens. Our aim is to contribute to the development of excellent waterprofessionals, not only in the region of Fryslân, but also on an (inter)national level.

We do so by organizing innovative courses for professionals together with our partners. Knowledge from these professionals form the basis in our approach; professionals share knowledge by educating each other. These new insights are used in our regular intermediate vocational education.

CIV Water offers:

  • Tailor made courses which are based on the combination of practical knowledge and 21th century skills;
  • Educational programs for VET schools;
  • Practical research (often organised in co-creation with regional stakeholders);
  • An exchange of knowledge between professionals and teachers, by sharing didactical, theoretical and practical knowledge.

CIV Water has a strong focus on lifelong learning and cooperates with educational partners, from primary education to Academic universities.

Life long learning

Cove Water Netherlands Network

CIV Water cooperates with all actors in the regional Water innovation network. Partners of CIV Water are:

Business Model Canvas

Water companies were suffering from brain drain and aging. Companies had a picture of labor market tightness. Within a few years there would be many unfilled vacancies. How should that be solved?
Schools wanted innovative education. The idea of CIV Water was born. Thanks to the efforts of a leader, the parties were brought together. The initiator, because of his role in education, already had existing connections.

Impact story

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