“I would love to participate!” – Oeds Bijlsma

The rayon manager training course on water quantity is starting again! Wednesday, April 7, Oeds Bijlsma, secretary-director of Wetterskip Fryslân, a Dutch waterboard, gave the kick-off online. He indicates that working digitally is difficult, he prefers to see everyone ‘live’. “It is an honor to open this training,” says Oeds. “It’s a nice big group. We are working with our own people, we know a lot together.” Oeds stresses the importance of everyone getting to know each other. “Nothing is as good as knowing each other!”

After the kickoff, the first two lessons began immediately; the participants were immediately divided into breakout rooms for the first assignment. Next four weeks the modules ‘Wetterskip general’, ‘Communication and Dutch’ and ‘Planning and Administration’ are on the schedule. The participants are looking forward to it!

The training is especially meant for new district managers of Wetterskip Fryslân. Purpose of the training is the development of knowledge, skills and competences for new area managers, but also for interested colleagues. In addition, they learn the concept of agile craftsmanship, control over their own development. Experienced teachers of CIV Water and knowledge workers of Wetterskip Fryslân made the program together and also carry out the education together. This safeguards the knowledge and experience gained in the field and is not to be found in theory books.

We wish all participants lots of learning fun!


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