Description and approach

The Platform of Centres of Vocational Excellence Water established a world-class reference point for vocational training by bringing together CoVE`s in the water sector. While CoVE´s are characterised by being strongly engaged with the regional/national economic and social ecosystem, the “Platforms”, introduced a European dimension by supporting the establishment of transnational partnerships that brought together CoVE’s from various countries.

United under the umbrella of the Platform, the CoVE’s worked together and developed a set of services and actions. The knowledge sharing and cooperation occurring under the umbrella of the platform strengthened regional development and at the same time created a vocational excellence in the water sector on a European Level.

Through the platform, the Pilot PoVE partners developed Joint VET curricula, bringing the very best know-how from each partner (as a result of the scanning tools) and facilitating recognition (VET at EQF levels 3 and 4). The learning materials and student training, designed according to the Dutch ‘Water week’, organised yearly by CIV Water. The VET curriculum were developed using modern training technologies such as MOOCs.

The Platform of Vocational Excellence developed an internationalisation strategy to foster transnational mobility of VET learners as well as teachers and trainers (with or without additional Erasmus+ support). This included preparatory work to facilitate mobility. The internationalisation strategy is formalized by a memorandum of understanding.

The development of joint VET content facilitates learning mobility (including long-duration), recognition of qualifications and validation of competences, thus contributing to a well-functioning internal market. The Platforms acts as catalysts for business investment and support European and regional innovation strategies by ensuring supply of high-quality skilled workers through flexible and timely offer of training for the skills needs of companies.

Online cooperation platform

Online cooperation platform (facilitating the sharing of VET training materials between the different countries that are of input for the development of new curricula of the ‘ Hybride learning environment’). The online environment is where everything comes together. All project public deliverables are available through this platform. It is the centre and also the main legacy of the project. The online platform is available in both website and app form and serves as an excellent sharable, upgradeable and tangible deliverable.

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Internationalisation strategy and action plan

Joint Internationalisation strategy and action plan presenting actions that were implemented during the project to ensure maximum sustainability and uptake of resources upon project completion, for example: public relations, regional embedding, upscaling strategies, etc.

The strategy includes the planning of mobility actions between the members of the platform. The Platform established sustainable cooperation frameworks, which nurtured further modernisation of VET providers and stakeholders, support mutual learning, facilitate mobility of learners and staff and leads to the facto recognition of qualifications.

The strategy as expressed by the partners includes the developing / exploring of sustainable financial models that combines public and private funding. Partners will actively seek funding opportunities to expand the PoVE Water based on the pilot of this project.

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Memorandum of understanding between the five CoVE’s

Memorandum of understanding between the five CoVE’s setting agreements for the future cooperation between the members of the platform.

The creation of a multilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) specifies the agreements between the 5 regional/national CoVE’s Water about the continuation of project activities and the uptake of projects results after the lifespan of the project. It expresses a convergence of will between the 5 CoVE’s, indicating an intended common line of action.

Due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) only the template of the Memorandum of understanding is published on the website.

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Student Learning Materials

Student Learning Materials around the theme ‘Water week’ with a focus on the Hybride learning environment. These materials gave hybride VET teachers the tools necessary to facilitate student learning in a hybride learning environment. The characteristics of the hybride learning environment are:

  • Hybride teachers working both in education and the world of work;
  • the master-apprentice relationship between student and teacher;
  • participation of world of work in education (e.g. by introducing guest lecturers);
  • the use of innovative and present-day world of work equipment for student assignments;
  • that students work on real-life case studies and assignments.

The VET curriculum is developed using modern training technologies such as MOOCs and has a strong focus on practical training in companies, mobility of learners and staff and entrepreneurship.

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