The aim of the Pilot PoVE Water work package ‘First step towards upscaling of PoVE Water’ is for the Platform of Vocational Excellence Water to grow and to create a critical mass to ensure a sustainable ground for further development.

With the Scale-up strategy, partners developed a shared ambition for the future. The plans presented in this strategy cover a period of 4 years, 2022-2026. The strategy formed the basis for the EACEA application in the Sept 2021 Call ‘Partnership for Excellence – Centres of Vocational Excellence’ and several other smaller scale funding applications of the partners in different composition to make sure the PoVE Water network can grow and stay sustainable.  

With the intention of scale-up the PoVE Water network, the consortium has identified and mapped existing Vocational excellence initiatives in the water sector in all EU Member states. Several tools were used to scale up the consortium and facilitate the partners in the scaling-up process. At several high profile EU events, the ambitions of scaling up the PoVE Water was showed to gain interest and activate potential partners to join the platform.

Strategic objectives of Scaling-up

The scale-up strategy defines the strategic objectives the partner share when scaling up the platform.

  • Expand the holistic approach to Vocational Excellence in the EU Water sector by securing a central role of VET in the regional Innovation Ecosystems.
  • Expand PoVE Water by setting up and interlinking CoVE Water networks that operate on regional level.
  • Drive innovation by developing contemporary Digital and Virtual Reality  learning materials.
  • Ensure that current and future water sector professionals have the key skills & competences demanded.
  • Increasing student’s, teacher’s and professional’s competence for international activities.
  • Building EU and global recognition for PoVE Water as a worldwide point of reference for VET in the water sector.
  • Future proof the workforce for the Water sector and avoid a brain- & skillsdrain.

Scale up indicators

The scale-up strategy defines the following SMART indicators:

  • The intention is to grow from 4 CoVEs Water to 6 over the period 2022-2026.
  • The intention is that each regional CoVE Water adds 2 partners/stakeholders per year.
  • The intention is that in 2024, each CoVE Water has a solid business case applying multiple sources of funding making them self-sustainable.
  • The intention is that in the period 2022-2026 there will be monthly interaction between International CoVEs Water (including potentials) of which 75% occurs digitally. In case of physical meetings train travel is the preferred option above plane travel.
  • The intention is to develop and publish 20 online courses and  10 story-based immersive scenarios (Virtual Reality content) by 2026.
  • The intention is to involve at least 400 students (young people and adults) on average per CoVE Water by the end of 2026.
  • The intention is that in 2026, 25% of students and teachers involved in the PoVE Water had an international experience.
  • The intention is that 81% of the participants report improvement in level of competencies and transversal skills after an international PoVE Water experience.
  • The intention is that by the end of 2026, PoVE Water has appeared on 50 regional, 20 national, 20 European and 8 Global events.
  • The intention is that the VET providers in the consortium updated their annual recruitment campaign tailored to Water related education based on the Betatech mentality model (strong industry involvement).
  • The intention is to publish at least 8 online courses and 20 engaging 10 story-based immersive scenarios (virtual reality courses) on the POVE Water Moodle by 2026.

The partners defined a cooperation method where a Regional bottom-up approach and a clear set of responsibilities and designated staff assigned in every Regional CoVE Water are leading.

The scale-up strategy includes plans for activities and deliverables of PoVE Water, which will be jointly developed by the partners.

PoVe Water Admission procedure

To assure and maintain high standards, the Pilot Pove Water partners have set up a dedicated procedure for new Centres of Vocational Excellence Water to join the Platform of Vocational Excellence Water.

Partners that have interest in joining the PoVE Water, show their interest via one of the project partners or the website. The partner reviews the quality and innovativeness of the prospect partner, interview them about their position in the regional innovation ecosystems, the current level of Vocational Excellence and the ambitions for the future on this topic.

In alignment with the Scale-up strategy, partners identify on regional level who can join the partnership, in close discussion of the rest of the pilot partnership.

European Launch Events

Various high profile internationally oriented events were organised and attended in order to gain interest for the PoVE Water initiative, launch the plans and create a network of potential partners. The events were attended and organised in order to showcase the public results, demonstrate their relevance, their interconnection and “usability” to enable integrated action in other regions as well. Another aim of the events was to introduce and explain the concept of the Platform of Vocational Excellence Water to the stakeholders attending. In all events significant media coverage was gained for the PoVE Water platform, the project and the ambitions of the consortium for scaling-up.

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