September 2020

The Pilot PoVE Water project is half way the project duration. In the project, the focus has been on comparing the way we work with Water industry stakeholders and the position we all have in our regional  triple helix and innovation ecosystem. We have conducted the Business Model Canvasses for the development of our Centers of Vocational Excellence Water at started with designing our common Platform. During this knowledge sharing workshop the partners shared their vision and idea’s for the next steps in the process. The goals of this Knowledge sharing workshop is to strengthen the partnership that we started and share ideas for sustainable continuation of PoVE Water.

Partners brainstormed using the online cooperation tool Miro and indicated their area’s pof expertise, network and knowledge that could feed into a stronger PoVE Water in the future.

Being involved and experienced with VR and AR in educational materials and processed, MCAST shared their experience with incorporating Virtual Reality in the classroom. During the presentation Edwin showcased one of the virtual reality scenarios experiences that was specifically prepared for the PoVE Water project. Edwin explained how to access and try out the Virtual Simulation Distribution Network.

Pablo shares link: to give an idea of the 3D possibilities.


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