The PoVE Water consortium had a very nice kick-off meeting in Malta hosted by MCAST on September 14-16th. There was a great turnout with 23 project partners from 5 regions, who all want to train VET students to be skilled, digitally adept, and eco-conscious water sector professionals. The meeting was a good opportunity for partners to meet and build a strong team, agree on how to cooperate regionally and internationally, and discuss the project’s four-year plan.

The first day of the meeting focused on project management, and members went over the PoVE Water work manual, Gantt Chart planning, and important reporting duties. We also broke out into regional groups to make plans and discuss their vision for the future. After lunch, we went on an exciting tour of the Water Services Corporation (WSC) on Gozo Island.

The second day covered other important work packages, such as international mobilities, learning materials, and recruitment strategies. Partners also brainstormed about next steps to create successful staff and student international exchanges. Partners discussed best practices in the water industry and went on a cultural tour through Malta.

The last day included a tour of the MCAST college and discussions on the impact evaluation strategy and dissemination plan. Overall, it was a great program with motivated partners who want to improve the water industry worldwide. Everyone was impressed with the project’s next steps and sad to say goodbye to new and old friends.


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