Jan 2021

Marijn van Dongen was invited to give a presentation about developing education with impact. His goal of this presentation is to look at youngsters in a different way.

You can interested all of the teenager for Beta and Tech. From research the saw 7 dimensions to choose for the Beta and Tech.

  • Self confidence in science and technology
  • Confidence in technological progress
  • Interest in new technology
  • Appreciation and respect
  • Social responsibility
  • Technology can be learned
  • Practical orientation

There are five types of youngsters: Creative maker, innovator, social implementer,  doer and explorer.

The partners had a discussion on how to motivate youth for beta and tech subjects and indicated to be very interested in using the tips and pointers of Marijn van Dongen. Also for future activities of the consortium the Betatech Mentality Model could be of great added value.


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